Promoting active and balanced life for dogs and their humans. 


The canine-human symbiosis is at its best when all 6 legs are moving.  All the benefits we claim to have in living with a dog are in the context of a balanced life.



  • To educate on the importance of   meeting the canine’s  social , physical , and  emotional needs.

  • To provide safe activities that stimulate the dogs’ general well-being .

  •  To promote humane and scientific systems in dog training. 

  •  To advance the asian mindset on canine care : the Balanced Ownership

  •  To train the next generation of  Ethical Dog Trainers .

RUXY  is a JRT-Fox Terrier mix.  She craves for rugged terrain and gnarly trails just as any  mountain biker does.  In 2016 , as she turned 4 years old , she transitioned to raw and organic diet  –  now she is sexier and energetic than ever.   Ruxy is single and ready for a relationship and reproduction.

RONALD is a runner-biker mix.   He is a Certified Dog Trainer of IPDTA-Canada and a member of Wolf Park  (North American Wildlife Park Foundation)Indiana, USA .  He has authored 3 books ;  Mag Aso  Ay Di Biro , Nanaginip Ba Ang Aso , and Dog-Life Balance.  He is a resource speaker on Dog Behavior in Universities , government agencies, and other organizations around the Philippines since 2005.  

His close friends call him Onayd.  He is happily married and is blessed with 5 wonderful children.  Onayd is a sinner saved by grace.






four legs were designed for freedom


Planet Smell is our special program in dealing with the following behavior issues : 

Aggression , Fearful, Separation Anxiety, and Destructive Behaviors .


Second Life is a training academy designed for drug surrenderees , giving them the opportunity to re-enter the society with a decent and rewarding job in dog training. 

The program intends to help transform each student into better a person , using pet-assisted therapy principles and counseling. 

ETHOS (Ethical Transferable Humane Objective Scientific) is a training system in equipping the next generation K9 Trainers.   

Courses include a certification in Basic Dog Training , Canine Behavior Consultant , Clicker Coach , Puppy Class Coach.



What makes this different ?

  • a common dog owner can join 
  • games are simple yet mentally and physically challenging
  • family-oriented ,  the activities will encourage kids-parents engagement 
  • open to all breeds , mixed, and native dogs 
  • races are digitally timed 

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