Second Life

Any ex-convict or ex-drug user-dealer will find it hard to get a decent job. This is what the campaign is all about : creating employment for reformed individuals as they      re-enter the society. THE SECOND LIFE

The project was conceived in the midst of Philippine government’s efforts against Drug Trafficking. There are now at least 900,000 drug pushers and users who turned themselves in. The government’s program is to rehabilitate them, a good plan. But after the rehab , the “second life” , the reformed men and women are jobless or not having a good-paying job , so the chance of getting back to the old dirty business is very high.

We’d like to share an employment opportunity in the Dog Care and Training business. The training program will take 24 weeks. The objective is to teach the “second-lifer” how to train Basic Obedience on dogs. Each candidate will go through theoretical and practical exercises. A certification and endorsement will be awarded to those who will complete and pass the course.

The course will also include Work Ethics , Moral Values, and Customer Service – I’d like to have each graduate to be a professional.

And while in the program , the students will benefit from the therapeutic effects of special bonding with dogs. 

Funds are need for the training facility, manpower , and operational expenses. The Second Life course will be offered FREE to ex-con and ex-drug dealers/users , I could not find any local company or organization to support this charity. I need your help . Let us give them the second life they deserve.


The Program

Evolution of Dogs , Dogs and the Philippine Culture, Dog Psychology, Housebreaking , Basic Dog Training , Common Behavior Problems. 

To fully equip the student, we will also teach : Work Ethics , Basic Financial Management, and Business Startup.

Integrated in the whole course is a series of counseling and values formation exercises. 




The training centers  will be in NCR , ALBAY , and NORTH LUZON .   Depending on the funds , we also wish to extend the program in Mindanao.

While the Facilities are not up yet, the Program in October 2017 and we are now ready for applications.

Here are two the requirements to qualify:

  1. Recommendation from the Barangay Chairman
  2. Endorsement by parents or family

To determine if the candidate can work well with dogs , he or she will undergo a written test and some interview.

Basic Facility


The project will be led by Onayd Lumbao, a seasoned professional Canine Behavior Consultant and Dr. Arnold Lumbao, a licensed psychologist and certified specialist in clinical psychology.

Onayd Lumbao has authored 3 books on dogs. But more than that, he brings with him his certification on International Positive Dog Training. On top of that, he is a lecturer on the subject and founder of Trail Dogs Philippines.  On the side, he has also pioneered the Takdang Aralan Youth Center

Arnold Lumbao is a clinical psychologist of the Philippine Association of Psychologists (PAP). He has an MA degree from the Ateneo de Manila and is a PhD candidate in Social Development from the University of the Philippines in Diliman.




When I needed a hand I found your paw



  • Endorse the program as your company’s CSR initiative.
  • Host a Seminar on DOG-LIFE BALANCE for your community.
  • Buy copies of Dog-Life book for your family and friends (520 PHP only for 5 copies)
  • Donate 


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