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Training Trainers

K9 Trainer Course

K9 Trainer Course

The Ethical K9 Trainer Course prepares a student to a rewarding career in professional dog training.  The materials of the curriculum includes updated scientific studies  and rich wisdom of seasoned trainers and behaviorists from around the globe.  

Behavior Consultant Course

Behavior Consultant Course

BCC is intended for people with a calling to help dogs with serious behavior problems.  Students in this course will go through intensive lessons in canine psychology and actual case studies. 

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten

Socialization in the early stage of a dog’s life is the key to a well-mannered dog.   The Puppy Kindergarten is a weekly gathering of young dogs not more than 20 weeks old.   Exercises are specially designed to expose the puppies to various situations, places  and people -preparing them for the real world with confidence.

Dog-Life Balance

Dog-Life Balance

Dog-Life is a 4-session program is designed to establish a strong leadership of the human on his dog.   A certification in DLB entitles a dog owner special privileges in accredited malls, parks, and condominiums. 

Why Ethical?

With a high regard for animals , we see Dog Training not as a money-making machine but a special calling to serve the canine specie.  ETHOS aims for the advancement of trainers in Asia,  promoting non-coercive methods and teaching strong work ethic.   

Dog Training is a professional and respectable career.  

Our Advantages

17 Years Experience

2000+ People coached

over 200 Dogs trained

  • Origin of Dogs

  • Dogs and the Philippine Culture

  • Dog Psychology

  • Common Behavior Problems

  • Dog Morals

  • Theories of Learning 

  • Housebreaking Techniques 




  • Obedience Training

  • Sports Training

  • Coaching Techniques

  • Dog and Fitness

  • Scent Work

  • Trick Training 

  • Therapy Dog Training



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