The introduction of Clicker Training in the country.  We were called the Dog Scouts of the Philippines



” The first book written by a Filipino for the Filipino about understanding and training dogs in the Philippine context. “ –  Terrie Fucanan,  The Manila Times 

QC CIRCLE was the epicenter  of clicker training

QC CIRCLE was the epicenter of clicker training


From QC Circle the movement rippled out to other communities in Metro Manila , then further, reaching  as far as North Luzon and Cebu. 


At least 20 dedicated volunteers helped in the community education.  




Dog Camps were one of the venues in training our volunteers





Bitoy -our forever hero



Our seminars were extended to  UPLB  College of Veterinary Medicine,   UP Baguio  , Benguet State University and other institutions. 

Elementary schools  were also included in our education drive. 



Seminar on Family & Companion Dog were held in Eastwood , BGC , SM City malls, and Park Mall Cebu. 



Inspired by the overwhelming response to the first book  Mag Aso Ay D Biro , we decided to write and publish a new work in 2008 Nananaginip Ba Ang Aso?  Then the disturbing conflict in the dog community prompted Onayd to work on another piece in 2014, discussing not only  issues about dogs but also the behaviors of no less than the owners  – The Dog-Life Balanced Ownership.


I love this book!
I’ve been looking for a book about
taking care of “Bantay” in Filipino set-
ting/culture……. Very informative, very
helpful and straight to the point. It’s one
book I always recommend to my Filipino
friends who have dogs at home or are
planning to have one.

Marlin Cruz
Wyncote, Pennsylvania

Definitely an interesting read! Very
educational, combines first-hand experi-
ence with canine ethology. Provides a
better understanding of why pooches
are the way they are. A must-have for
all dog lovers!

Rina Tan de Luna, B.S., D.V.M.
M.Agr.Sci Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine , University of the Philippines
A must-read for Pinoy dog owners, and even for people still contemplating upon adopting a dog. It covers the basics, from what to first do when you bring home a new puppy, to what kind of quality food to give your beloved Bantay, to how much time should be spent exercising your pet. But it goes further than that, explaining common dog owner’s complaints like digging, howling, furniture chewing, and leg humping. Mr. Lumbao places great emphasis on the owner’s responsibility and commitment throughout a dog’s lifetime, a welcome sentiment in a society where abandonment of aged dogs still comes as no surprise. This book is not simply a how-to manual, but a beautiful explanation in Pinoy layman’s terms on building a relationship based on positivity, trust and understanding

Wilmer & Isa Helamani  , Mandaluyong City


The canine world is a much diversified subject. In terms of business, it Is a multi•million industry. In the field of training, it Is a never ending learning process. But whether you are looking at it from the point of view of a trainer, groomer, breeder, or plain dog lover, there’s no better way to enjoy and understand our canine companion than learning from those who’ve “been there, done that.”
For the new dog owner, every bit of information helps. Thanks to people like Onayd Lumbao who took the time to write their valuable experience and research for the benefit of the next generation.

Noel Austria  , Founder: Philippine Utility Dogs Association Master Trainer, Spratly K9 Training Center, Cypress California

I have spent 32 years of my life as a government veterinarian. In all those years, I had experienced In my small animal practice, read in some literatures and shared stories with my colleagues in the profession as well as my clients’ wonderful stories about dogs. However, after reading this book, I was amazed because I still learned a lot. Many experiences came along these years, but with the book many things which are commonly asked for, which I have to admit I have to answer indirectly or have to change the topic for I don’t know exactly the answers, the book Nananagi nip Ba Ang Aso gave me the enlightenment.”
This book is a must read by all dog and pet lovers, fresh graduates of animal science and veterinarians, as well as parents who are giving their children a chance to own a dog. To some extent, this book will give the answers to questions which we may not find elsewhere:’

Dr. Jose Losa  Jr. Provincial Veterinarian of Albay  . PRC Awardee, Most Outstanding Veterinarian for 2007